The Wonderful People of the South of France

I recently had an incredible weeklong speaking tour in the south of France, reuniting with old friends and making many new friends.  My topic was two-fold—my 25 years of adventure in international design, woven in with my personal faith testimony–the gift of forgiveness that has changed my life forever.  My hosts were Sara and Roger Randall of Riviera Partnerships, along with Cy Todd and Bill and Critty Fairback.   The first leg of our journey was at the American Club of the Riviera, which includes people of means and influence from many different nations.  Only twenty (20) percent of the members are Americans!  It was heart-warming to see the love for Americans in this culturally diverse setting.  Approximately 50 members gathered for lunch at Restaurant Les Terraillers and I shared my international travel challenges, which seemed to resonate with the guests, if laughter is any indication!  I also took the

L to R: Bill and Critty Fairback, me, Cy Todd and Sara and Roger Randall

opportunity to share how forgiveness has made a profound difference in my life.  One woman wrote on her comment card that she would like help starting a life of forgiveness.  The next day we lunched in the Churchill Salon of the Hotel de Paris in Monaco.  Our hosts were David and Pauline Sinclair.  The following day I spoke to the Tuesday Women’s Luncheon in the Randall home.  It was a lovely, balmy day and 29 beautiful women joined us.  The event was scheduled from noon until 2 pm, but many stayed until 5:00 pm—they laughed, applauded and cried, and asked many questions about forgiveness.  The following day I spoke at a luncheon in the Cannes Maison de l’Architecture.  When Bernard Deriviere, president of the professional group asked me, “What is the purpose of architecture?” I responded: “To enhance relationships.”  He jumped up from his chair, rushed to the other end of the table, and kissed me on the forehead!  They have invited me to return next year to speak to 60 architects in their organization.  There were 42 guests at the Vineyard Luncheon, also hosted by David and Pauline.  There was a very eclectic mix in the group and as a result, there were tough questions, particularly from three atheists and an Anglican minister.  The final event was dinner at Restaurant de Bacon, where my international career began

The Riviera

25 years ago. After my presentation and testimony, a French army general and expert on the Middle East thanked me publicly and shared how he had gone on the internet and watched several of my Moment of Luxury television programs. We also made an appeal for a mission project in Burkina Faso, West Africa that was generously received.  Check out these great photos of the beautiful people, places and food of Southern France.

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