Eye on Design: Bill in the News

The month of April was a good one to say the least – packed with magazine covers, speaking engagements, and awards. I have a gorgeous cover on this month’s Luxe Magazine. I was also the honored recipient of Decorative Center Houston’s Stars of Design Lifetime Achievement Award. Enjoy some pictures from April’s event as well as the best sound bites from our stellar panel discussion. All in all quite a month! – Bill


This month’s Luxe Magazine cover, Houston addition.

Decorative Center Houston: Build Your Brand Panel Discussion

The panel was filled with Bigger than Bravo personalties, a textile king, and a wealth of success, talent, and experience. Mary McDonald, John Robshaw, and Charles Pavarini III joined me for a panel discussion on how to build your brand. The morning brought solid advice wrapped in humor for the audience of young and aspiring interior designers.


Our panelists: John Robshaw, Charles Pavarini III, Mary McDonald, and myself.

On social media…

“With social media pick what you like to do. I like photography so I use Instagram.” – John Robshaw

“So many magazines have folded, it’s where media is going. I’ve been published way more on blogs.” – Charles Pavarini III

“Now you can publish things online, through social media first. If your photos are compelling enough, they catch on. If you’re not doing it, get over it. I just had to surrender.” – Bill Stubbs

On documenting your work…

“When you do a job, get it photographed right away before the PB&J is on the wall! – Mary McDonald

“I started archiving everything. It’s a great creative process, you understand you own story. It’s like a big therapy.” – John Robshaw

On getting published…

“The cardinal rule of PR. Don’t submit it to a publication you’ve never read. You really need to read the publications to understand where they’re going.” – Bill Stubbs

“Pitching, you’ll be surprised.” – John Robshaw

“You’ve got to submit, they’re not going to come and get you in the morning.” – Bill Stubbs

“Notice what works for you and what you keep getting noticed for. It kind of finds you, so listen.” – Mary McDonald

“It’s easier to get the less expensive jobs published. A lot of budget jobs are more photogenic.” – Bill Stubbs

Just plain funny…

Mary McDonald on her first cover, “I got the cover of House and Garden, accidentally.”

“I also went to art school, so I’m a hoarder.” – Mary McDonald

“It’s weird to speak about yourself in the 3rd person. Is this a John Robshaw product?” – John Robshaw

“What would John Robshaw do?” McDonald chimed in.

On rejection…

“I sold vacuum cleaners door to door. I can take rejection, it doesn’t exist to me. People telling me no just doesn’t register.” – Bill Stubbs

“I’ve had my feelings hurt a million times. Just get back up. Ask you mom if she’ll print it.” – Mary McDonald


And finally here I am receiving my Stars of Design Lifetime Achievement Award from Charles Cohen.

*Photo courtesy of Luxe Magazine

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One Response to Eye on Design: Bill in the News

  1. Kitty Hilton says:

    Congratulations! Your success is well-earned.

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