Bill On the Go

The past few weeks have flown by quite literally. I’ve spent a great deal of time up in the air, flying between job sites and exciting design events in New York, Los Angeles, and Houston. Last week alone was 6 cities in 6 days! (San Antonio, Houston, Newport Beach, Nice, Frankfort, and topped off by a quick trip to Moscow.) What an amazing time we live in where this is possible! Below enjoy some wonderful snapshots from my travels.

Sherle Wagner — Inbox

Celebrating with Mrs. Sherle Wagner in Los Angeles.


A dripping chandelier at ICFF.

Liz Smith and I at Sardi_s tonight — Inbox

Dining (and gossip) with Liz Smith in New York. Later we watched Tommy Tune perform some of his greatest hits on Broadway.

Decadent Russian breakfast — Inbox

Decadent Russian breakfast.

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One Response to Bill On the Go

  1. Sue Cox says:

    Hi, Bill, 

    I loved looking at your photos. Besides your smiling face, I like the dripping chandelier and reading about Sherle Wagner (especially the hand-painted sinks). 

    Best of all, the Russian breakfast. Hmmm, I think I need something to eat ….

    Have a great week!



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