The Art of the Written Word Gets Trendy

There are so many ways to say things these days – email, Twitter, text, Facebook, Instagram. But at the end of the day there is nothing more meaningful than finding a handwritten note in your mailbox. It represents how thoughtful someone was to sit down and write a personal note to you. I have received handwritten notes from clients, friends, and even a President of the United States – and I save them all because they are so special. Thankfully in this digital age, stationary and paper products have never been more in style and there’s something for everyone’s taste – traditional to quirky. Here are some of my favorites including some decorating ideas using paper products!



Mrs. John L. Strong has been a classic choice since 1929. Handcrafted perfection. I also often jot down notes on Crane & Co. stationary. There is nothing like receiving a handwritten note. Women still tend to write notes from time to time which is wonderful. But when I receive a note from a man it becomes really memorable because it happens so rarely. My friend, Jack Blanton, attends lots of events. He sits down the next day and writes handwritten notes to everyone. My British friends still write notes with fountain pens. How wonderfully old-fashioned! If you can, take the time to write a note personally.

TIP: I find it helpful to type out my notes in Microsoft Word first and then handwrite them to take full advantage of spell check.



A handwritten note from President George Bush (41).



A handwritten note from former First Lady Barbara Bush.



My son Chad used an App called Ink Cards to send me a note for Father’s Day. The service allows you to use a personal photo, add a personal message, and it will mail it for you with a custom stamp. The picture and personal message added a sweet touch and of course I saved it!



Finally, Paperless Post still has a sense of texture to it. The envelope with your name on it actually opens for you, revealing the invitation or note inside. If you’re low on time this is a good option.



Fraser & Parsley offers stylish ways to incorporate paper products into your dinner parties. These special touches can make all the difference.



My friend Melinda Jones’ company Read Between the Lines creates paper products that inject fun and flair into a room.



Locally, Kuhl-Linscomb has a nice selection of chic, fun cards for any occasion – birthdays, engagements, or even just to say hello. Happy Writing!

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3 Responses to The Art of the Written Word Gets Trendy

  1. Thanks for writing this. I agree that there’s something very special about a personal note. I love the one from your friend. His personality is apparent as you read his words. What a treasure. I have kept lots of personal letters over the years and it’s an extra treat to bring them out and savor them again.

  2. barry.nulph says:

    Always welcome…..a post from Bill.   As a former custom builder, he’s one of my favorite interior designers.

    Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device

  3. Roger Randall says:

    De ar Bill,

    Greetings from the wonderful South of France. We are going crazy getting ready for our next series of outreach events. This speaker is not as youg as you, so we’re letting him off easy…only 3 events in one weekend. Professor Prabhu Guptara, he’s an economist with global scope, a management counultant and a poet.

    We also have a couple here from Atlanta. He is a chemical engineer and entrepreneur, she, Beryl Pleasants has an image consulting business in Atlanta. Both of them grew up in abusive homes and came to faith as adults, so they are gret for our audience here.

    I am working with Shane Heminway, Princess Grace of Monaco’s God-son, on an event in May. We’re calling it Texans on the Riviera. Should be GREAT fun…Texas two step in cowboy boots and black tie. Ya gotta be here!!!

    Did you receive my email regarding the possibility of a get together at your home in February. I have spoken to our friend, Loretta Lowe who lives in Austin, but also has a network of friends in SA as well as Houston. She is really up for the idea.Right now, she is in CO selling her house, but will be back in TX soon. She is planning to come here for 2 weeks in November.

    As I think about it…I’ll resend that message from a few weeks ago, so you wont need to dig it out.

    Let me know what you think.

    We love you and so appreciate your friendship and partnership in the work of the Kingdom.


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